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​Christian-writing.com ​was designed to feature Christian books written by Julie Harrison Wallace.

Rhoda the Damsel is her first novel.  This interesting damsel, though only mentioned ONCE in the Bible, apparently had such a faithful character that the Lord preserved Rhoda's name for eternity. 
The image directly below was the Biblical reference for this fictional story.




We are offering GIFT COPIES of Rhoda the Damsel starting NOW.

There will be a gift card included with the book sent directly to your recipient.

You choose the message, and whether or not you want to be identified as the "giver".

Orders will need to be placed and paid for by December 5th, 2016

to ensure that the gift is received by Christmas!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Author & Staff


                             Future Projects


Julie is currently working on an illustrated timeline of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah.
Check back for updates on the progress of this new book.
​Many requests have been made for a continuation of Rhoda's life.
​Julie is contemplating this sequel, and appreciates so much interest in the initial novel!


Regional Rally - Little Rock, AR

Saturday  June 25, 2016

THANK YOU to over 50 members

who chose to buy the story of Rhoda's journey with Jesus

and 42 members that ensured they'll be showing their

PRIDE in our country by flying the flag on the 4th!

We appreciate all who have the LOVE for God and Country!!



"MEET THE AUTHOR" ~ Julie Harrison Wallace

           at the:    Union County (Jennie Stephens Smith) Library

New Albany, MS

June 21, 2016

This event was a HUGE success!  Over 30 in attendance, Great Presentation

​        Several books sold ;)  A Great BIG Thank You to the Democratic Ladies for a

delicious Lunch, ​AND to the Union County Library staff for their generosity and hospitality by hosting this event!

​New Albany, MS Home & Garden Show ~ ​April 9, 2016


Great time had by all, and BEAUTIFUL day!  Thank  you to all who stopped by our booth and learned more about "Rhoda the Damsel".  19 wonderful people purchased the printed copy of Rhoda's life and journey with Christ, and we were equally pleased with those who had interest for their Sunday school classes but wanted to verify the integrity of this writing.  There were also MANY who expressed their interest in the eBook format as they prefer to read from their tablets/readers.  **NOTE**  ANY device can download this eBook with a free app available from Amazon.com

​Fulton, MS "Community Volunteers Indoor Yard Sale" ~ April 2, 2016

Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by to visit with us and learn more about "Rhoda the Damsel"!  We were inspired to meet so many wonderful people from the Fulton (and surrounding) areas.  We hope that all those who purchased the book (Paperback and eBook) are blessed as they "walk with Rhoda" in her story of life and journey with Jesus.